Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Exclusive Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

What rumours have been going around of Kim Kardashian? She has been a huge talk on the web for a while now and still is till today. What makes Kim so interesting you wonder? The fact that we see her ass and tits all over the web when you just type in Kim. The joke on the web was that she broke the internet, let's see why...

There was her big but on a magazine cover that everyone felt they needed to comment on. Most people were not impressed and that was probably because she got even more famous for showing off her curves and sexy round parts. She has a "come and get it" kind of face and uses it to her advantage.

So what are the rumours about? Kim Kardashian sex tape? Oh yes she did. Now that we are acquainted with her sexy bum and tits, we finally get to see what she has between those sweet sexy legs. That pussy looks wet, soft and experienced. Looks like she can take a big cock and ride it with ease.

There was a scandal not so long ago about Kim having made a homemade porn video with her ex and is the talk on the web. She didn't expect it to go viral but it certainly has gained her more fame and is showing a side of Kim we never thought we would ever see. She shows that she can be a naughty little minx in the bedroom and has talent with her hips and pussy.

The sex tape begins with Kim and Ray on a bed, Ray quickly takes out his cock and pushes it into Kim's face and she begins to show off her bloyjob skills with pleasure. She sucks Ray's wet cock for a while, while looking into the camera he has on her. She definitely knows what she is doing and does it so well. Her tongue licks all parts of his huge black cock. Then after the cock has been well licked like a popsicle and well sucked, Ray has Kim lying on her back and her brings the camera to her pussy, he slides her panties to one side and begins to lick her well groomed pussy in front of the camera. Kim is moaning in pleasure like a dirty little girl and Ray can't help himself and takes his cock out and turns Kim around onto her tummy and rams his cock right into her from behind. She carries on moaning and screaming her cum out loud. What a hot steaming sex tape with such exiting climaxes, not to be missed.

The sex tape has inspired some animation artists to make a very realistic Kim character that shows all her curves and her new found talents. The animated porn videos are becoming very popular and are very sexy and well put together. They are so realistic one has to look twice just to make sure it is not real. They depict her pussy so well and it looks so yummy even a chick would want to play with it.


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